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Still a little confused as to the differences between free blogs,, and WordPress-platform custom websites? No problem—let’s break it down again: is a free and easy tool for creating your own quick blog, much like Google’s Blogger or Tumblr.

If you’ve always wanted to start blogging as a hobby, is a great place to start (creating a blog on its own domain; for example, WordPress without the “.com” on the whole is actually a web format, a structure for creating sites of various orientations, and a content management system. is an endless array of support resources, including themes and plug-ins for customized WordPress websites on custom URLs. Note that there is no “official” support for (as with so many modern open-source CMSs).

But some of the support content available on can also be available for blog issues. So you can start by creating a free blog, get comfortable with the usability, controls, posting, and edits, then build a customized WordPress site from a broader availability of more editable themes, and then integrate the content from your original blog.

Both themes and themes for customized WordPress sites are similarly available for researching, choosing, and integrating for your blog (depending on which format you are using).

In either scenario, you can try out different themes and preview how they look with your content. The major difference occurs in the theme customization for your own site. In these cases the sky is the limit—you can have full cascading style sheets (CSS) editing options, add on any plug-ins you want (although some may be incompatible), and open up your site for additional functionality, such as eCommerce or forum.

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